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Summer Terms Dates 2021
Art Courses & Classes - Summer Term 2021
Tuesday 25th May
2:00pm - 4:30pm Afternoon session Pottery & Ceramics (10 wks) £190 SPACE
6:30pm - 9:00pm Evening session Pottery & Ceramics (10 wks) £190 FULL
Wednesday 26th May
10:00pm - 12:30pm Morning session Pottery & Ceramics (10 Wks) £190 SPACE
6:30pm - 9:00pm Evening session Pottery & Ceramics (10 Wks) £190 FULL
Thursday 27th May
10am - 12:30pm Sketching & Drawing (Beginners and Improvers) (10 Wks) £150 SPACE
1:30pm - 4:00pm Sketching & Drawing (Beginners and Improvers) (10 Wks) £150 SPACE
Wednesday 9th June - 7th July
2:00pm - 4:15pm Afternoon session Sculpture (5 Wks) £135 SPACE

Tuesday (10 week course)
Start Date 25th May
2:00pm - 4:30pm SPACE
6:30pm - 9:00pm FULL
Pottery & Ceramics Classes


Wednesday (10 week course)
Start Date 26th May
10:00pm - 12:30pm SPACE
6:30pm - 9:00pm FULL
Pottery & Ceramics Classes


Our pottery and ceramic classes provide the opportunity to work and experiment at your own pace, focusing on learning new skills in a relaxed creative enviroment, Offering all the basic building skills, slabbing, coiling, extruding and throwing

The approach is to share knowledge and experience in a simple and open manner, with beginners offered individual support and encouragement

Applying the techniques in practical excercies and projects enables the learner to fully understand the potential of clay in sculptural expression and develope observational skills and a better understanding of three dimensional form.

The sculptural form produced can be fired and decorated using either acrylics or glazes. Alternatively at a more advanced level casting techniques will be introduced to reproduce the sculptural moulds, using plaster, silicone rubber or polyester. From these it will be possible to reproduce the artefact using bronze or metallic filled resins.

Contact Wendy 07742 824 852 to Book a place or discuss the course details


Thursday (10 week course)
Start Date 27th May
10:00am - 12:30pm SPACE
1:30pm - 4:00pm SPACE
Sketching & Drawing Course


For the complete beginner the most important aspect offered is individual support throughout the early stages enabling you to build self confidence whilst exploring different mediums and techniques.

For those with some experience individual advice and assistance is provided and the opportunity to work with others in a relaxed and informal environment

Contact Tony 0792 5027587 to Book a place or discuss the course details


Wednesday (5 week course)
Start Date 9th June - 7th July
2:00pm - 4:15pm SPACE


Introduction to Sculpture
This five-week taught course will take you through a series of structured lessons to develop an understanding of the creative journey from concept to maquettes and beyond.
Through the appreciation of the work of others you will have the opportunity to explore ideas and develop concepts for sculpture through a range of sketching, modelling and experimentation techniques to create a figurative or abstract developed maquette. You will have the opportunity to use a range of materials from paper and card to clay, wire armatures and Plaster of Paris. No previous experience is necessary, only an open mind, the seeds of creativity and a sense of adventure.
Tutor: H. Brookes-Brown (BA Hons 3D Design, PGCE Design) is an experienced tutor with more years' experience than she cares to mention and an undiminished love of creativity and the desire to inspire others. 5 Week Taught Course introductory offer £135.00 (materials supplied)



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